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The following is a list of aircraft currently available for rental:
Unofficial checklists, v-speeds, weight & balance tables, weight and balance worksheets are provided for each aircraft.*

Click on the tail numbers to view pictures, and additional information about each aircraft
Tail Number
Make / Name
Std Rate / Hr
2 seats
2 seat
Not Available
IFR Equip
2 seat
4 seat
IFR Equip
4 seat
Not Available
GPS + IFR Equip
4 seat
GPS + IFR Equip
2 seat
4 seat
IFR Equip
4 seat
Not Available
GPS + IFR Equip
2 seat
Tail Dragger

Receive $2/hr discount on aircraft rental by paying $600 down or equivalent of 10 hours in aircraft. Cash or Check. Receive discount on multi-engine rental in 10 hours of block purchase.

Flight Instruction:
Instrument Instruction:
Multi-Engine Instruction:

Note: To rent the Arrow, you must have logged at least 125 hours total time, and either had 25 hours retractible time, OR 10 hours logged in same type.

If you are current and capable, than it should only take about 1 hour to get checked out in a plane.
Download our Sample Checkout Test, and our Sample Aircraft Rental Application.

* This is NOT an official source of aircraft data. The pilot in command is responsible for obtaining the official aircraft information for flight planning purposes.

Rental Agreement

In accordance with the State of Michigan Act 96 of Public Acts of 1986, the following information is being provided. As the renter of our aircraft, you are hereby notified that you are insured under a policy provided by Aviation Center Inc. for personal liability coverage up to $1,000,000.00.

Aviation Center Inc. carries liability, property damage and hull insurance on each aircraft of $1,000,000.00 with a limitation of $100,000.00 per passenger. This policy has the following deductibles:

All Aircraft

These deductibles are the responsibility of the renter of record.

Aviation Center requires the purchase of non-owner renter insurance for all fixed gear renters, and requires non-owner renters insurance on all retractable, and multi-engine renters. Should the renter let the required insurance lapse, it is understood that the renter will not rent any aircraft, and if they violate this rule by continuing to rent an aircraft, they will be fully and solely responsible for paying these deductibles himself.

This coverage is available from most aviation insurance agents. A brochure is available from our counter on one of these policies.

I hereby agree to conform to all current FAA regulations and the following provisions.

  1. To inspect and make a ground check of the aircraft before take off and not to take off unless it is in airworthy condition.
  2. To observe all Federal and State air safety regulations.
  3. To obtain weather reports and forecasts immediately before any cross country flight.
  4. to permit no one else to fly the aircraft.
  5. To land only at established airports except as a precautionary or emergency measure.
  6. I have been notified of the insurance carried on the Aviation Center, Inc. aircraft and understand the deductibles are my responsibility should anything happen while the aircraft is in my care, custody, or control.
  7. To pay for the loss or damages to the aircraft due to my negligence not covered by insurance.
  8. To return the aircraft at the agreed time, weather permitting.
  9. To return the aircraft at my expense to point of origin if forced to leave it elsewhere for any reason.
  10. To call the base operator in the event of any delay, deviation or any other unexpected circumstance and advise.
  11. To observe Aviation Center's Rules which I have read and understand.

No Show & Scheduling Policies

If you are unable to make a flight, you must notify Aviation Center, Inc. at least 24 hours in advance to facilitate the scheduling of other pilots into your time slot. If you neglect to notify us of your cancellation you will be charged for one half of the time you scheduled the aircraft and/or instructor.

If you are unable to make a ground lesson, you must notify your Flight Instructor at least 24 hours in advance. If you neglect to notify him/her or simply do not show up, you will be charged for 1 hour of ground instruction. Any no show charges must be paid or settled up before your next flight.

Switching from one aircraft to another can be accomplished by the "ALT" scheduling method. However, this must be completed at least 24 hours in advance of departure.

If you are late showing up by 15 minutes or more without calling, your scheduled aircraft may be released for use to someone else.

Minimum hours billed on aircraft will be 2 hours on weekdays AND/OR 3 hours on weekend days for overnights and cross countrys.

C152's (or primary A/C) billable hours must be 1/2 of scheduled time for less than 4 hour blocks or must be approved by instructors or management (Mark or Ross).

There will be no deviation from above policies without prior approval of management.

* A simple phone call will avoid most problems *

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