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This is the DTC Duats website.
Also, you can telnet to GTE's DUAT site:

University of Michigan WeatherNet
One of the best lists of U.S. weather sites on the Web, including a huge number of local and regional NOAA offices, TV stations, university sites, and weather-cams.

U.S. National Weather Service - Aviation Weather Center
Textual aviation weather products from NWS, including area forecasts, airmets, convective SIGMETs, non-convective SIGMETs, oceanic SIGMETs, and neural-net icing forecasts. Also, there's a page devoted to METAR/TAF info.

Purdue University WXP Weather Processor
One of the most comprehensive sources of world-wide weather images. 

WSI Intellicast
A fantastic Web site for quick-loading weather images, forecasts by city, and other weather information. Pilots will especially want to check out the outstanding national radar summary. You can also find world-wide weather and ski reports here. You'll want to check out the new animated radar map.



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